Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I don't like late comics.

Late comics make me mad.

A couple years ago I was a regular comic reader. I used to eat comics up, and read a lot of books.

I used to get my comics through an online subscription service, but I wouldn't pass up a comic store. I could get my comics and still want to go to the comic store the next day. I was a junkie.

I still love comics. I love comics more than just about anything. They're awesome.

But a couple years ago I got sick of everything being late. I have a day job in publishing in a publications department. We put out books, and as a book cover illustrator, I have to do stuff fast and get them out, and still keep the artwork good. Everything has a deadline and we don't miss them. So I made a pact with myself that if a book was late, I would drop it. Period.

Lateness in comics is a modern fact that should be changed. There are so many talented people out there who aren't working who could pick up any slack that no book should ever be late. Comics are monthly books, so the plan should be get the book out and that's the end. You don't have to sacrifice good art, it's just different art. I'd personally rather have the book come out, even if it had to have a different artist. There are a lot of good storytellers out there. The story is the most important.

Or just plan the book in advance. The way I see it, if the artist or writer is late, that's a late paycheck for everyone else involved. I don't like that. I deal with deadlines every day and I just don't get it. My work affects the work of a lot of people down the line and I don't want to put them out.

So I stopped reading late comics, that was my pact. Six months later I stood my ground and I was reading nothing, not one single comic. I still haven't finished reading the first art of Morrison & Quitely's Batman & Robin. (How much better would All Star Superman have been if it came out on time?) I wish I could say I miss the books I stopped reading, but I don't. My own stubbornness changed my tastes.

Now I try to make comics. I love comics and I need them in my life. I'll pick up the occasional trade paperback, and I have two subscriptions to Archie Double Digests, but I've given up my comic book habit.

As a consumer I don't see anything good about the mainstream comic book industry. A lot of the mainstream books seem like vanity publications or totally corporate driven. I want to read some more indy stuff, and would love some suggestions. I want to get into some good books, or blogs or whatever. Know something good? Let me know. I want to read some stories that people awesome, fun and people are passionate about.

It's time to start reading comics again, I know there's some good consistent stuff out there. BUT, if you're on a schedule, you should keep it, unless there's a really good reason.

I say right now that Stupendo-Dog! and the other comics here aren't on a schedule. I don't want to sound like a hypocrite. This blog is evolving into more than just comics - oh, and there are a lot more comics coming - and I want it to be a fun and informative place to visit.

I might have gone in and out of the main topic here, but that's OK. I just wanted to get it off my chest that I hate late comics. Missing deadlines in the publication business bugs me, especially with so many good artist and storytellers out there.

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