Monday, June 13, 2011

Skulley: The Spiral Notebook Adventure!

Meet Skulley!

His official tagline is Skulley: America's Deadest Teenager!

I love comics, I love fun comics, superhero comics and just about any kind of comic. I'm a fan. Skulley is my addition to the world of teen angst comics, hopefully with a twist. Not a big twist, just the fact that our hero is a dead kid and is also a social outcast and gets picked on and beat up and made fun of.

But he's lovable. Everybody loves the dead kid, right?

Of course.

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How this comic was created:
As stated in this fine story, this story was drawn in a small spiral notebook I bought from Office Depot. It's a red one with 150 sheets. In that very same notebook I'm drawing another Skulley story that I know for sure you (yes, YOU) will enjoy.

This story was drawn with the intention of getting a good one out with as little prep as possible. No pencil has touched this story. I drew this story with a Sharpie on my couch, most likely with Henry laying at my side with his head on my leg. Sometimes he puts his head on my arm so I can't draw. Shouldn't he be out saving the world or something? Sheesh.

I hope you like it (yeah, talking to YOU again) and hope you're aching for more. I had a lot of fun with this and would like to get more done between Stupendo-Dog! stories. These stories are a nice exercise in staying sharp and dumb at the same time!

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