Sunday, July 17, 2011

Stupendo-Dog! #4

I can't say enough about Nick and Fooksie. They're fantastic! OK, that's enough.

Stupendo-Dog #4 is finally here in all its alien invasion glory! It's a fun story, and I think the story really plays out well in 8 pages!

This is my second favorite Stupendo story. My first favorite (how many favorites can a person have? I think technically, only one) is a story not drawn yet, but it's a tear-jerker.

This little story started with the title. I thought of it, laughed to myself, then wrote it down so I wouldn't forget. I still think it's funny because it's so long. A nice long title for a short story. If I had the room (Stupendo-Dog is a tightly formatted comic. Or something like that) I would have made it a lot longer. But these are the restrictions placed on us in life.

And the main villain has a mustache. Everyone knows that anyone with a mustache is evil.

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  1. Gorgeous stuff!!!

    And speaking as a moustache sporting're right.

  2. Thanks! Much appreciates.

    And regarding the mustache: I KNEW IT!