Thursday, July 7, 2011

Welcome to Stately Stupendo-Dog Manor!

Welcome to Stately Stupendo-dog Manor!

You'll find a lot of comics here, but this is definitely the home of the puppy hero of Utopiopolis. (Cool name for a city, but it's a pain in the rear to spell!)

I LOVE comics! Without even knowing it, I live and breathe comics. I love comics and I love all-ages/all-access comics. Comics should be for everyone. I'm also a huge fan of the comic strip, especially the adventure strips. Terry and the Pirates? Batman? Hagar the Horrible? This is the stuff that gets me going.

On this site, this blog, you'll find a wide variety of comics. Single-pagers, multi-pagers, some in color, some in black and white. I'm a storyteller, I like to get fun, mostly goofy stories out there. I think a blog is the best format for my kind of comics, and I really like Blogger. It would be nice if I could have it both ways with a nice gallery page and a blog, but I haven't progressed that far yet. So, it's a blog.

Use the links on the right to find out where you're going. I've made it my mission to keep the blog as clean as possible, but there's a lot of stuff here.

Here's an index of comics:
Stupendo-Dog! #1
Stupendo-Dog! #2
Stupendo-Dog! #3

Serious Hospital Drama Comics
Stupid Romance Comics
Stupid Comic About Chickens
Horizon Line

Skulley: The Spiral Notebook Adventure
Fowler: Private Ducktective

5-Minute Comics

You'll also find book reviews here and there, including some for Archie Comics stuff. I really enjoy Archie books, especially the classic stuff and the Double Digests and have started a review site just for those books. There should be a few nice reviews on there with plenty more to come. Everything from the 50's to now. Check it out.