Monday, December 12, 2011

Stupendo-Dog: The Clawful Cat!

Never ever forget that cats are evil. They're evil in the real world and in the far-superior cartoon world.

And what about the coloring job Fooksie did on this? I can't stand to look at it, it's so good. Was that a compliment? I hope so!

I'm mixing up format on Stupendo-Dog starting with this little story. I usually do the standard 8-pager and have a ton of fun with 'em, but I'm going to sneak in some shorter stories, and some longer ones soon. Got a couple stories with just the supporting characters, too. Should be a good Stupendo year. You know, hopefully.

And I just got news that soon enough you'll be able to buy the adventures of your favorite buddy-boy through Graphicly. More on that as it develops.

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And here's a handy link to more fine Stupendo-Dog adventures!

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