Monday, February 13, 2012

Crime Punchers, Inc. needs an artist!

All right, so I have more stories in my head than I have time to draw. And I have a newborn kid, so I have no time anymore at all. I wish the kid could draw, but he can't seem to hold on to a pencil long enough yet. He's 19 days old. I expected better.

Anyhow, I have this fun comic idea and no money to pay an artist, so I figured I would put a call out here on this fine blog.

Crime Punchers, Incorporated needs an artist. It's just for a fun, kind of silly, action-packed, over the top, stick figure comic book. OH YEAH, I forgot to mention that all of the characters are stick figures!

Here's the concept art for a couple of the main characters:

If you know an artist, or you are an artist who is looking to do some fun stuff, let me know. Maybe we could even do the Kickstarter thing to get some money in. I don't know, I'm still looking into exactly how Kickstarter works for indy comics.