Monday, June 24, 2013

Stupendo Comics!

So, I have been spending some time converting the fine comics you have seen here (and other places) to digital files, and have opened a storefront. The store site, the fine online publisher of all your Stupendo goods is Stupendo Comics!

Right now you can find MILT! The Treasure Stealers. This is a big, fat 80-pager that features MILT and a bunch of other mini comics that have been featured here at Stately Stupendo Manor. Skulley (with one unpublished story,) Fowler, A Short Scary Story, and more. I filled this one up. You can go to Stupendo Comics and have the choice to purchase it as a CBZ file or buy from Amazon for your Kindle.
80+ pages for $2.99

Dead Man & Other Stories This one is another compilation. Anthology? I took a couple westerns I wrote and drew and a couple zombie stories and finished them off with Thieves, Cowards, and Liars #1, my failed pitch to Image. This story got me some attention and work. It's a good story, a good one shot, but didn't really have the legs to go on as a series. This one's available as a CBZ and PDF, sold as one package, and also available from Amazon for your Kindle.
40+ pages for $1.99

CENSORED! This one's not for the kids. I did these two stories a few years ago and only sent them out by request. If you like cute cartoon animals and profanity and poop jokes and nuclear explosions and guns and drunk polar bears CENSORED! is for you. Like Dead Man, this one's sold as a CBZ and PDF and you can buy it from Amazon.
16 pages for $.99

I have books submitted to Comixology, but nothing has gone through yet. I'm sure when they added their Submit program everyone who has ever drawn a comic threw their stuff up there. So that's where Stupendo Comics is right now. I'm officially a publisher (sort of) and have three more books, including every Stupendo-Dog story gearing up to be sold directly and through Amazon.

 And go to Stupendo Comics and contact me if you are interested in having your books converted for CBZ, PDF, Kindle and Comixology.