Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Why the hell do I love comics?

Why the hell do I love comics? 

I have no idea why I love comics so much. I think I love comics so much is because I can do them. I might be a little bit lazy about it right now, but I know how to make comics. I've been making comics in one form or another my whole life.

As a kid, I used to fill up spiral notebooks with comic stories. They were just crappy drawings with horrible letters, but they were comics. I wrote a 200-page Superman story that totally ripped off The Dark Knight Returns and for a long time it was my favorite comic. And I wrote and "drew" it.

It was awesome.

I love comics because I can make comics, plain and simple.

Why do I not care about sports? I have a bad eye and horrible depth perception. I can't play sports so I was never interested. My parents tried to get me to play football in the fifth grade. That ended before the first game with both of the bones in my left arm broken and my hand completely twisted around. The skin was spiraled, my arm was about a six inches longer than it should have been, I was nine years old and was never gross until typing this right now. At the time it didn't hurt and I was a joking clown all the way to the hospital. Years later, the lady from the ambulance said she finally saw someone who broke their arm as bad as mine, someone who had a motorcycle accident.

So I love comics because I can make comics. I have too many stories in my damned head. I can draw, but I have more stories than I can ever draw. I should write, but who casually reads scripts without art?

I'm going to make more comics. I promise this. I'm going to make some comics on my own, with my pal PB DeBerry, and Aaron at New Haven Comics. Right now Paul and I are running Coffin Hunters, and these guys (created by PB) are my all time favorite comic book characters. Hopefully it shows in the work. Coffin Hunters is irregular but will be ongoing. Between the two of us, we could make stories for these guys forever.

I have a page of samples here. If you need an artist or someone to help with a story, drop me a line. Check out the Welcome page at the top of your screen to see some of the comics I've made. And, if you're so inclined, I do have books for sale.

I like comics because I can make comics and have a lot of fun making them.