Sunday, March 19, 2017

SPACE COPS! A science fiction, police comic book story with plenty of profanity!


PB and I were talking about a new SPACE GOAT story and I said the other guy should have some sort of Lego thing that they can use to make any kind of weapon they wanted. That son of a bitch said that would be impossible to draw.

He said this on Friday.

I woke up on Saturday around 5:00 am and decided that was challenge #1.

Challenge #2 would be to get a four page comic book story written, storyboarded, penciled, lettered and inked all in one day.

It was easy. And didn't even take up half the day. You can read this fine story after the break.
(Warning: contains bad language. If you're offended by that sort of thing, go to this link.)

I'm available right now for some side work. If you have a comic you need drawn, contact me, we can talk about it.