Saturday, April 16, 2016

FOR SALE! How to draw comics!: Comic Book-Size Art Templates for $2.00!

Drawing your own comic? Need to know what paper size to use? Need some pre-designed templates that have set "safe" areas and bleed areas? Comic book page sizes that have been researched and compared to Marvel, Image, and DC comic book art boards? You need these templates, and they only cost two bucks!

Download my US comic book templates for Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Clip Studio/Manga Studio EX5!

$2.00 sold digitally through PayHip.

This set includes TEN comic book and comic strip templates!.

1. Single Page
2. Double Page Spread
3. Web Comic* Single Page
4. Web Comic* Double Page Spread
5. Comic Strip
6. Square Comic - Single Page (Making an Instagram comic? use this template!)
7. Square Comic - Double Page
8. Sunday Comic Strip
9. Manga Single Page
10. Manga Double Page

Also included are Adobe Indesign templates for US comic pages and manga pages**.

These templates line up nicely with examples I’ve researched from all of the major, and major indie publishers.

The inner rectangle on the templates is your safe area. Keep all your important art and lettering in this area. Anything outside this area can be chopped off when printing. The double page spreads have two rectangles, the safe areas on the left and right pages.

The templates are supplied in four formats:

1. Adobe Illustrator eps
2. Adobe Photoshop
3. Clip Studio/Manga Studio (Created in Clip Studio EX5)
4. PNG

- - - - -

* The web comic is a regular comic page split in half. If you were to put the art area of two web comics together one one page, they would give you two panels (top and bottom of the page) with a 1/4 (.25) inch gutter between them.

** My manga templates are researched from multiple sources and publishers. The Ka-Blam manga template doesn’t have the same safe area as the standard manga template. It’s close but not exact. This is a good demonstration that not every publisher and printer is exactly the same, and why comic pages have a good amount of bleed area.

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