Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Anatomy of a Riot

This cartoon is my little reaction to the London riots in particular, and riots in general.
Check out this link, to see how stupid people can really be. The pictures are pretty amazing from a Michael Bay disaster movie perspective.

And here's a clip from Men in Black that pretty much sums everything up.


  1. I'd hate to disagree with that. So I won't!
    But I have to tell you, the riots are really, really stupid.
    AND, glad you liked it!

  2. great work! had the same feelings on the situation. would be cool if the original idiot threw the bricks because they want to prove a point on how young kids view free speech these days like he hated the TV or something.

  3. I'm not sure those kids have enough sense to concentrate their hate on something as real as TV.

  4. Hey, Christian, would you like to work on something together?
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