Wednesday, August 16, 2017

The best guides to draw your own comic books!

The best guides to draw your own comic books! 

Comic book art boards for Clip Studio, Photoshop, also available as EPS and PNG! Download them or use in your favorite digital art program!

I’m a guy who likes to draw comics and needed a damned reliable comic book art template. I'm also a mild-mannered (depending on who you ask) graphic designer by day who has designed and maintained hundreds of templates. So who better to make one?

In my pack, right now you will find at least ten different templates for various types and sizes of comics. These have been thoroughly researched and tweaked and researched some more, and used in books and placed in templates for companies like Ka-Blam. Being able to have templates that are a standard size and can be printed were priority number one.

I achieved that here and want to make sure anyone and everyone can get them. In this pack you get your standard US comic book templates, both single and double page spreads (Double page spread specs are the hardest to find out there, my templates fit great in printer templates), Half page “web comics” that are nothing more than the US template cut in half. You get that as a standard and double page. DC and Marvel use this format for their digital comics.

You’re going to get a comic strip template, both daily and Sunday, as well as a square comic if you want to make a comic for Instagram. The pack also includes two Manga templates, both single and double page. This one took longest to research, there are a ton of different sizes out there, but this is the one, the one that fits damn near everything.

That’s what you get for two bucks. Many US comic book art templates, comic strips, manga templates and there are more in the works for regular books, coming soon. AND, every existing customer gets FREE updates any time I add a template. Two bucks gets you everything, even future templates.

So, if you’re drawing comics, you’re new to comics, these templates are what you need. Download them and print them out, use them on the computer. Each template is saved as Clip Studio (Manga Studio), Photoshop, EPS, and PNG.

These templates are available from my store

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